Ordinary estate planning is only about your beneficiaries. We remove complexity and confusion for YOUR family and create a framework for your legacy that includes YOU.

Legacy planning is more than estate planning. 

Estate planning is focused on your assets and your beneficiaries. We believe legacy planning should focus on you and your financial journey.

If you share the same belief or have an interest in what legacy planning should be, we invite you to a 30-minute complimentary call. Your time in this consultation will be well invested.
We understand that your financial journey is unique, and we believe that a legacy plan is more than just legal documentation—it should also address the changing landscapes of tax codes, economies, and personal life (which, boy oh boy, we know that changes… a lot!).

Your Legacy PLANNING

By using a unique combination of trustees, you can allow your children to care for health and living issues and a fiduciary professional to deal with taxes and investing. Financial Enhancement Group Trust Services (FEGTS) can be that Financial Trustee.

Here's How We Make That Happen:

Let Us Know When You're Ready

Begin with a 30-minute complimentary "Your Legacy Next Steps Meeting" to see if FEGTS is a right fit.

Establish & Prioritize Your Unique Needs

Gold Standard solutions which includes FEGTS Legacy Considerations discussion, strategy and language for successor trustees, Incremental Incapacitation, and trust protector language.

Generate Your Legacy Tools

Once we have received your Legacy Considerations, the FEGTS team is on the clock! We will provide your legacy planning tools within two business weeks.

Assessment Meeting

We'll meet back with you to review the strategy and documents using our Gold Standard solutions.

Confirm & Fund

You'll meet with your team to confirm revisions and unite your assets with your legacy tools.

Your Legacy Journey Meeting

In 180 days, we'll get back together for a comprehensive two-hour meeting to discuss updates, adjust and address necessary changes, and create a plan for ongoing updates.
As a child, I experienced many challenges stemming from confusion over money. Because of those experiences, helping families who started with very little and have developed a nest egg is my passion. The choices have increased, but so has the complexity. The choices aren't always clear, and the solutions are seemingly elusive. FEG Trust Services can help.

Personally, my first trust was established in 2002.

I was 34 years old and married with two young children. It was 18 pages of words I didn't understand.

Joseph A. Clark, CFP®

Worse yet, it was all about my meager assets at that time and only a page and a half about me.

As my assets grew, so did the pages and the confusion, but everything stayed the same regarding issues addressing my needs. Something wasn't right.

Something had to change, so we created FEGTS to work with families wanting to complete their financial journey. 
By collaborating with asset managers, attorneys, CPAs, and other like-minded advisors, we have established a Gold Standard solution to legacy planning.

You will not be put into a one-size-fits-all box with everyone else.

We may have similar wants and wishes, but we all have differing paths and circumstances.

You are unique

We are excited to share our skills and experiences to help you make the wisest decisions. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service and look forward to being a part of Your Legacy Next Steps.


Begin with a 30-minute complimentary introduction
call to see if FEGTS is your right fit partner.